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Cord Blood and Perinatal Stem Cells 2018

The cord blood and perinatal stem cell banking sector is undergoing immense change and convergence worldwide. It is a period of unprecedented challenge but also of opportunity, as business models and novel revenue streams develop. Phacilitate Cell & Gene Therapy World is the only event to showcase the global cord blood and perinatal stem cell field whilst also placing it in its broader strategic context as a critically important component of future cell, gene and immunotherapy business and production models.

Our 2-day dedicated conference track provided both strategic insight on cutting edge banking business models and financing opportunities as well as scientific/technical updates on the very latest clinical applications and cell expansion approaches. It is shared between Phacilitate Cell & Gene Therapy and World Stem Cell Summit agendas, ensuring a unique audience made up of both industry and academic stakeholders as well as investors, big pharma, regulators and of course, the world’s leading cell and tissue banks themselves

Endorsed by organisations ranging from the Cord Blood Association to BioInformant, Phacilitate Cord Blood & Perinatal Stem Cells is THE must-attend event for all who are invested in realizing the massive potential of this burgeoning sector.

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Business Models & Investment: Wednesday, January 24TH

Macro trends in investor, pharma and regulatory environments

  • Investor and pharma perspectives – how/where will we seek to engage in the cord blood and perinatal stem cell field in future?
  • Global regulatory development updates: will recent evolution of guidelines and legislation (eg, in China) translate to perinatal stem cell banking and application opportunities?


Analyzing evolving pubic and family cord blood and perinatal stem cell banking business models worldwide

  • What do ongoing public-private convergence and M&A trends, and the continuing development of hybrid business models, mean for the robustness of the banking sector globally?
  • What is the relative health of the sector – and what are the emerging dominant business models – in North America, South America, Europe and Asia?
  • The search for sustainability - weighing up the viability of emerging revenue streams: how are banks, biotechs and tool/service providers innovating to both realize and monetize the potential of cord blood & perinatal stem cells?
  • Beyond the cord – how diversification into the wider biobanking arena is presenting new, sustainable business opportunities. 


Clinical Applications & Cell Expansion: Thursday, January 25TH

Clinical updates: examining trial designs and the latest data for product candidates based on cord blood and perinatal stem cells

  • Case studies: what is the latest evidence of therapeutic potential in specific indications? (Cardiovascular diseases, autism, hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy, etc.)
  • What is the regulatory pathway for these candidates to market approval and ultimately, to patients?
  • Perinatal stem cells vs. bone marrow-derived cells – what have been the outcomes from comparative studies to date?

What are the future modalities and therapeutic areas/disease applications to target? (Eg. Engineered perinatal cells)

What progress in alleviating the cord blood & perinatal cell expansion bottleneck?

  • Troubleshooting manufacture of perinatal cell and tissue-derived MSCs
  • How to enable closed transitions between cell selection, cell expansion and cell harvesting unit operations?
  • How to address the current shortfalls in testing guidance and available, fit-for-purpose assays?
  • Closing roundtable discussion: How would we approach commercial scale up of a dedicated cord blood & tissue bioprocessing facility? (Where to start: small but scalable? Straight to full scale? Modular?) 



2018 Speakers Included:

15 Results
  • "Great venue to solidify and harmonize on the current challenges facing this sector - in real time. The caliber of the speakers and session contents was premier. “
    Dolores Baksh
    Innovation Leader, GE Healthcare
  • “A great event to learn about the hurdles that are needed to be overcome to get through the clinic.”
    Devin Bridgen
    Scientist, strategic partnerships, SQZ Biotech
  • "It was a great opportunity to share current data and thinking about the development of therapeutics directed at modulating the immune response to cancer."
    Lance Leopold
    Vice President, Head of Oncology Development, Incyte Corporation
  • "Phacilitate provides a unique forum, bringing together research, process development, and commercial leaders on the cutting edge of cell, gene, and immunotherapy. A great conference for anyone wanting a comprehensive view of the field."
    Dr James Trager
    Vice President, Research & Product Development, Dendreon
  • “In the rapidly moving Advanced Therapy market, Phacilitate remains one of the premier events.”
    David James
    CEO, Scinogy