IO Frontiers World 2019

How to deliver innovative immunotherapies to patients in the 'real world'

How to deliver innovative immunotherapies to patients in the 'real world' with Dr. Lee Schwartzberg

A lot of the discussion around the development of Immuno-oncology therapies centres on ‘the science’ but what of the infrastructure for delivering these treatments?

Without clear plans for delivery, pricing and reimbursement, the science may never realise its potential.

We spoke with Dr Lee Schwartzberg from the West Cancer Centre earlier this year to discuss just this. In this video, Dr Schwartzberg answers four big questions:

  1. What do we need to think about aside from the science when delivering IO therapies to patients?
  2. What can developers do to better educate and support clinical specialists and those that deliver these therapies?
  3. What are the long and short-term prospects of delivering combinations in the clinic?
  4. How is the pricing and reimbursement situation developing?

Lee gives his unique perspective on delivering innovative therapies in the ‘real world’ and the critical role of clinicians and other healthcare specialists in successful delivery. He also discusses the evolution from volume to value-based pricing, a critical step in the successful delivery of IO therapies.

  • "Great venue to solidify and harmonize on the current challenges facing this sector - in real time. The caliber of the speakers and session contents was premier. “
    Dolores Baksh
    Innovation Leader, GE Healthcare
  • “A great event to learn about the hurdles that are needed to be overcome to get through the clinic.”
    Devin Bridgen
    Scientist, strategic partnerships, SQZ Biotech
  • "It was a great opportunity to share current data and thinking about the development of therapeutics directed at modulating the immune response to cancer."
    Lance Leopold
    Vice President, Head of Oncology Development, Incyte Corporation
  • "Phacilitate provides a unique forum, bringing together research, process development, and commercial leaders on the cutting edge of cell, gene, and immunotherapy. A great conference for anyone wanting a comprehensive view of the field."
    Dr James Trager
    Vice President, Research & Product Development, Dendreon
  • “In the rapidly moving Advanced Therapy market, Phacilitate remains one of the premier events.”
    David James
    CEO, Scinogy